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The number 1 Dutch Business Mentor shares his 25 years of entrepreneurship experience

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There are many pittfalls in being an entrepeneur. Act the right way, avoid pitfalls and get to be entrepeneur you need to be to grow your business. Become a member and get access to tips, faq and the experience of others.

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You will get real and trustworthy information. All content on this website is extracted from the Business Mentors +25 years of experience. Real case-files directly from the source, made available for you to learn from.


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Your benefits:

What exactly will you gain from this?

You are not alone with your questions.

You questions determine my commitment.

I take my role as a Business Mentor very seriously and it requires life experience, knowledge, involvement, interest and independence.

With a down-to-earth, clarifying freshness from the Dutch, combined with my infectious passion for entrepreneurship, I’m guaranteed to get you moving and give you new ideas to work with.

1. Independent reflection on businesses

Since I helped a great deal of businesses over time, it turned out that honesty and giving an independent opinion is key to start a change for the better.

2. More control over your business and private life

Your success can only be worth something when there is balance in your life. Too much of something that shifts the life balance is bad for you and your business.

3. More energy, through space in your head

You can only thrive when your head is clear. Learn how to get the required  space in your head.

4. Better results for your company

If you recognize patterns and structure and start to make changes, you will get better results.

5. Free blog for you to read, get from it what you need

Our blog is free to read. Our policy is that if you value our work, you will show us your appreciation


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