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Pleased to meet you, my name is Roy in het Veld.

I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.
Please read the blog. Learn to choose the right direction, recognize pitfalls and keep focus on results.


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Business mentor

My story contains many aspects, both successes and fails to learn from.

My Values & Beliefs

Values and believes are extremely important. Without those you cannot make a solid roadmap for your business or yourself as a person. Changing direction all the time is the big killer in success.

My Vision

Look at the current situation, what is present. Evaluate this situation and go from there. Get rid of toxic elements and keep the good parts. Then build from there.


Reflect and elevate yourself

Why Core Values are important

Living up to your core values always pays off. It will strengthen you as a person and it will present you in a trustworthy authoritative way.


Be true to yourself and others


Balance your life and work for more success


Never loose why you started your business

Commitment is all about strength and Values


Do as you say

Always keep your promises. Being trustworthy in business is key to stay in business.


1 on 1 comunication

Do not try to solve everything with an e-mail or an app. Talk to people, communicate in person.


Treasure your ideas

Record all your ideas as much as possible. Even if you have no use for it now you might have use for it later.


Network Management

Expand your network, online and offline. Having a network is important to get around.

Roy in het Veld

Roy in het Veld

The Nr.1 Dutch Business Mentor

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A good business is build from core values and good leadership.

The Nr. 1 Dutch Business Mentor has over 25 years of experience in high competitive markets and worked as well domestic as international as a business owner himself.

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