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The number 1 Dutch Business Mentor shares his 25 years of entrepreneurship experience

Grow your Business

No goal without a plan. I’m going to help you, based on the F+A+D=R® formula I developed. This formula is based on getting your focus back on your goal. Creating rock-solid peace in your head by means of executing a solid plan.

Real and trustworthy

Trust and openness are the most important ingredients that you can give me, and I can give you. Growth only works if there is unconditional trust in yourself and the people in your company. On this website we turn the delusion into peace and results. I came a long way by doing exactly these things.

Who is Roy in het Veld?

My year of construction is 1967.

Challenged to the fullest as an entrepreneur. Since 1997 full-time entrepreneur with various disciplines.

The passion and drive to grow something is in my blood. My “super power” is that I see opportunities and possibilities everywhere. This has always helped me as an entrepreneur. Everytime people said, “that won’t work”, my intuitive feeling of “we’ll see” came up. I admit that people around me sometimes found that difficult.

Was I always successful? No definitely not. I dare say that I have seen the “bottom of the pit”. There have been years of extreme growth, years where I managed several companies at the same time, man what a time. Growth in employees and money to be found everywhere.

But also years when I thought I would never get out of the “negative spiral”. Yet I have kept my back straight and stood for what I believe; sincere, honest, transparent and a promise = a (real) promise. In short; an inexhaustible source of entrepreneurial experiences that I like to share.

This experience is what I share with you so you will not have to make the same mistakes.

In the year that I turned 50 (I have always indicated that as a goal) I decided to sell all companies towards the end of 2017. A rigorous decision, true, but my passion and love for entrepreneurship is always scratching the surface. The adventure beckoned again.

I notice that there is a great need among SMEs for my knowledge and experience.

That is why I have decided to further develop my inimitable passion for entrepreneurship as a Business Mentor.

Benefit from it!


Years of Experience

Why you should consider a Business Mentor.

As an entrepreneur you would rather work “on” your business than “in” your business, right? The feeling of being “consumed” by the day-to-day worries can have a stifling effect on decision-making. That’s why it can help to have a reliable “side-kick” next to you. One that points you to the right decisions.

A Business Mentor can be more valuable than your accountant or your bank’s account manager, simply because he has no direct interest in the decisions you make. You have to make it happen, the Business Mentor only helps you find the right path. He will point out the pitfalls that you can encounter on your path.

A Business Mentor can relate to your situation as an entrepreneur as no other. Without being arrogant or biased, he/she has already been through everything that you encounter.

Business Mentor Characteristics

  • Non-judgmental
  • Discrete, honest and completely reliable
  • Knows what he/she is talking about = experience expert
  • Triggers/stimulates, encourages thinking
  • Supporting but not controlling
  • Provides insight but no supervision
  • Professional, but can constructively criticize less desirable matters
  • Let people in their value, respect
  • Let answers be found instead of indicating them

Your benefits:

What exactly will you gain from this?

You are not alone with your questions.

You questions determine my commitment.

I take my role as a Business Mentor very seriously and it requires life experience, knowledge, involvement, interest and independence.

With a down-to-earth, clarifying freshness from the Dutch, combined with my infectious passion for entrepreneurship, I’m guaranteed to get you moving and give you new ideas to work with.

1. Independent reflection on businesses

Since I helped a great deal of businesses over time, it turned out that honesty and giving an independent opinion is key to start a change for the better.

2. More control over your business and private life

Your success can only be worth something when there is balance in your life. Too much of something that shifts the life balance is bad for you and your business.

3. More energy, through space in your head

You can only thrive when your head is clear. Learn how to get the required  space in your head.

4. Better results for your company

If you recognize patterns and structure and start to make changes, you will get better results.

5. Free blog for you to read, get from it what you need

Our blog is free to read. Our policy is that if you value our work, you will show us your appreciation


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